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Scope of the procedure: Director of RadMarine sp. Z o.o. is responsible for approving the procedure.

Scope of the procedure:

1. Start the recruitment process

The recruiting process begins with a written or telephone order from the company or manned man, or by the operator confirming the necessity of replacing the seafarer on board. The start of the process depends on the ship's owner and the group of vessels. The owner then presents his requirements and gives the information allowing the candidate to be presented.

2. Selection process of seafarers

The selection process for seafarers is to select the most suitable candidate who meets the guidelines given by the shipowner and includes:

  1. profile of the candidate according to the requirements of the company
  2. Searching for a candidate among permanent employees
  3. In the absence of a suitable candidate among permanent staff, look for a candidate among other seafarers working with the office
  4. In the absence of a candidate among the co-operating seamen, posting on the Internet platforms and the company's website and searching among the seafarers who submitted the application.

Once the candidate has been selected, he or she will be interviewed, including qualifications, education, work experience and expectations.

At the same time:

  • In the case of new applicants, a reference to the previous employer will be made with the consent of the seafarer
  • In the case of permanent employees, the assessment of the work of the previous contract is confirmed. The confirmation of the check is an entry in the seafarer's database or a note on the seafarer's application.

The selection process completes the following steps:

  1. sending the candidate's application for approval by the shipper (if required)
  2. acceptance or rejection of the seafarer's candidature
  3. Informing the candidate of the outcome of the selection process for the position.

3. Activities carried out before the seaman enters the ship

  1. Verification of compliance of seafarers' documents / certificates with the STCW 95 Convention and with the requirements of the shipowner
  2. Introduction of seafarers data to a computer database based on copies of documents and sent applications
  3. Preparation of a briefcase containing copies of documents and all necessary information allowing the seamen to be seized on the ship, such as:
  • application containing personal data, data of maritime documents / certificates required by the STCW 95 convention and shipowner, professional service (sea service)
  • check list to assess the status of the seafarer's documents and the operations performed by the manned operator
  • The account to which the remuneration will be paid
  • Copies of the documents necessary to get a job, such as passport, visa (if required), sailing book, health certificate, vaccinations (if required), alcohol test (if required), state flag documents, Marlin's Test (if required) marine and qualification courses.
  • contract - mediation agreement
  • Alcohol and Drug Declaration (if required)
  • English proficiency test (if required by the company)
  • Request for State flag documents (if required)
  • Applying for a visa (if required)
  • Final confirmation of departure / validity of seafarers' documents fill check list
  • Arrange shipment to the ship (at the request of the shipowner) Issue or order of working or officer clothing (if required, depending on the shipowner and position)
  • obtaining consent for the processing of personal data of the seafarer and the person indicated
    (next of keen)

4. Procedures performed immediately before departure

  1. Telephone and e-mail informing the seafarer about the exact date of departure, any changes associated with it, and the type and details of shipment to the ship. 
  2. Issue of work clothing (if required)
  3. Handing over to the seafarer the contact details of the ship's agent and manned operator to contact in case of problems during the journey and a letter of guarantee (LOG) or OK TO BOARD (if required)
  4. Recognition and transmission of documents confirming the seafarer's employment and conditions.
  5. Documents signed in the office or by email: contract - mediation agreement Alcohol and Drug Declaration (if required)

5. Documents and records resulting from the procedure

  1. Seafarer application
  2. The requirements of the shipowner to work on a specific position
  3. Records in the IT system - note the reference
  4. Check Seafarer's folder along with the documents
  5. Indicated mediation agreement between RadMarine sp.z.o.o and seafarer
  6. Contract between the shipowner and the sailor

RadMarine sp z o.o is responsible for the civil law agreement signed with the seafarer, which commences on the date of signing the contract and is valid for the duration of the contract. All Rad Marine customers have the right to file a complaint about a company's business if it believes that it is legitimate.

In order to maintain a formal procedure, Rad Marine expects that any complaints will be affected in writing, as a concrete description of the incident and should set the Sailor's expectations.

The employment agency makes it possible to file a complaint by:

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Standard correspondence to the company address: RadMarine Sp z.o.o, Al. Niepodległości 827 / 1A, Sopot 81-810

Seafarer s complaints

RadMarine Sp z o.o within 3 working days should confirm the received letter using the preferred form of communication by the Sailor.
The processing time is up to 21 working days from the receipt of the complaint.

In the case of a complaint unresolved in accordance with the expectations of the Sailor, the employment agency informs the Client of any possible further investigation of their claims.

RadMarine Sp.z.o.o undertakes to report all unresolved complaints to the appropriate supervisory unit of the maritime administration:

Maritime Office in Gdynia:

ul. Chrzanowskiego 10, 81-338 Gdynia

tel. +48 (58) 355 33 33
fax: +48 (58) 620 67 43, 621 72 31
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing procedure, the Mariners shall have the full right to lodge a complaint with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Inland Waterways.

Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland navigation Department of Maritime Economy

ul. Nowy Swiat 16/12, 00-400 Warsaw

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