Radmarine Sp. z.o.o is made up of people who have several years of experience gained in work on board of commercial shipping and offshore.

Knowing the expectations of Mariners seeking for employment, and shipowners, we are able to find highly qualified staff appropriate to a particular type of ship.

We are committed to fair and equitable recruitment of Sailors and Officers to work on board of commercial shipping and offshore vessels.
We approach each task individually. We recruit sailors from both long-term practice, as well as those who are just starting their careers at sea.

Working with the shipowners, we are flexible at every level of cooperation,in order to satisfy our customers.We are responding to real needs and care of relationships and good atmosphere.

Radmarine Sp.z.o.o also offers the provision and other supplies to merchant and offshore vessels. We make every effort to ensure that the food comes exclusively from a safe and healthy source. We offer local products, but with multinational crew in mind, we also provide assortment of cuisine all over the world. We deliver orders in Gdańsk and Gdynia.

Our work is passion, therefore We approach every task with great care.Accuracy and punctuality are our strong points. We are reliable and timely and that is why our satisfied customers come back to us with new challenges.

We invite you to cooperation!
Team Radmarine Sp. z.o.o

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