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Cummins RV QG 4000 Generator

Cummins RV QG 4000 Generator RV generator set Quiet GasolineTM Series RV QG 4000 Features and benefits Weight size and sound level Microprocessor control with diagnostics. Exceptionally smooth quiet operation. Sealed connectors. Full housing with enclosed muffler. 3-year limited warranty. ? Lightweight compact. OHV engine for efficiency no decarboning. Weight 172 lbs (83.4 kg) Length 30.0 in (762 mm) Width 19.7 in (500.4 mm) Height 14.4 in (353.1 mm) Sound 68 dB(A) Readings at 10 ft (3 m) half load - Meets National Park Service sound level requirements (60 dB(A) @ 50 ft) for use in national parks. - Typical installation will further reduce sound level. Models and ratings Model Fuel Hz RPM Watts Voltage Amps Phase Circuit breaker 4KYFR65697 Gasoline 60 3600 4000 100 (1) 40.0 1 20 A 2-pole 4KYFA26100 Gasoline 60 3600 4000 120 33.3 1 30 A 1-pole 4KYFA6747* Gasoline 60 3600 4000 120 33.3 1 30 A 1-pole 4KYFR11429 Gasoline 60 3600 4000 100 (2) 40.0 1 20 A 2-pole 3.6KYFA26120 LP 60 3600 3600 120 30.0 1 30 A 1-pole 3.3KYFR4858 LP 50 3000 3300 230 (2 4) 14.3 1 17 A 1-pole 3.6KYFR4856 Gasoline 50 3000 3600 230 (2 4) 15.7 1 17 A 1-pole (1) Isolated neutral (2) Grounded neutral (3) Adjustable 220-240 (4) Australia/New Zealand wire colors. Ambient conditions for rated power output with muffler and RV enclosure per ISO 8528-1: - Temperature: 77° F (25° C) - Altitude: 500 ft (152.4 m) (99 kPa dry) Typical power output change based on ambient conditions: - Temperature: Power output decreases 1% for every 10° F (5.5° C) increase - Altitude: Power output decreases 3.5% for every 1000 ft (305 m) increase Ratings represent minimums. Actual performance may be significantly higher based on installation and operating conditions. * Evaporative spec: For trailer applications required to meet Tier III Evaporative Emissions of the California Air Resources Board. Effective January 1 2011 gasoline generator sets on trailers diesel chassis or any other non-motorized mobile apparatus must have an EVAP generator set approved tank EVAP canister hoses and fittings all meeting the CARB Tier 3 and EPA phase 3 standards and specifications. This law applies in all 50 states. Operating temperature range Low High Gasoline -20° F (-29° C) 120° F (49° C) LP 0° F (-18° C) 120° F (49° C) - Depends upon LP tank capacity surface area and butane content of LPG. ©2011 Cummins Power Generation. All Rights Reserved. Cummins Onan the “C” logo Performance you rely on.TM and Quiet Gasoline™ are servicemarks and/or registered trademarks of Cummins Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. A-1399n (6/11) Standard features Engine details ? Microprocessor control with digital voltage regulator ? Starter overcrank protection ? Generator set field overload protection ? Over/under frequency and voltage protection ? Loss of AC sense protection ? Mechanical fault protection ? Detects starter faults ? Reverse connections and high battery voltage protection ? 4-point vibration isolator mounting system ? Magnetic circuit breaker ? Automatic resetting of DC circuit overcurrent protection for set wiring and remote start wiring ? Integral enclosure cover and stamped steel base ? Stationary exhaust pipe attachment point ? High stability mechanical governor ? Sealed remote start connector ? Fuel filter ? USDA Forest Service-approved spark-arresting muffler ? Cross-flow pressure cooling ? Automatic choke ? Electric fuel pump with positive fuel safety shutoff (gasoline) ? Electric fuel shutoff solenoid (LPG) ? 125 in (3.2 m) generator set output leads ? Intake silencer sound deadening material and baffles reduce sound level ? Start-stop/prime rocker switch on control with LED status indicator light for set diagnostics Model: Cummins Onan E095H Design: 4-cycle OHV single horizontal cylinder Displacement: 18.5 in3 (304 cm3) Compression ratio: 8.5:1 Maximum power at 60 Hz: LPG - 8.6 bhp (6.4 kW); Gasoline: - 9.5 bhp (7 kW) Maximum power at 50 Hz: LPG - 7.6 bhp (5.7 kW); Gasoline - 8.3 bhp (6.2 kW) Cooling: Cross flow air - pressure type Cooling air volume: Includes engine cooling air volume 60 Hz: 300 ft3/min (8.5 m3/min) 50 Hz: 250 ft3/min (7.1 m3/min) Combustion air volume: 60 Hz: 19 ft3/min (0.5 m3/min) 50 Hz: 16 ft3/min (0.45 m3/min) Side draft carburetor: KY (gasoline) Electric fuel pump: Positive fuel shutoff (3 psi) fuel lift 3 ft (914 mm) Air cleaner: Replaceable dry element; patented automatic choke Vapor withdrawal system with demand regulator: KY (LPG) Ignition system: Electronic magneto type Starting system: Remote 12 V 3-wire negative ground Starter: Automotive type with environmentally protected pinion; automatic start disconnect Lubrication: Splash lubrication Oil capacity: 1.6 qt (1.5 L) Cylinder crankcase: Aluminum alloy with iron cylinder liner cast into the block aluminum alloy oil base Cylinder head: Aluminum valves in head removable Average fuel consumption: Gasoline No load Half load Full load 60 Hz 4.0 KY 0.3 Gal/h (1.1 L/h) 0.5 Gal/h (1.8 L/h) 0.7 Gal/h (2.7 L/h) 50 Hz 3.6 KY 0.2 Gal/h (0.8 L/h) 0.4 Gal/h (1.4 L/h) 0.6 Gal/h (2.2 L/h) LPG No load Half load Full load 60 Hz 3.6 KY 0.4 Gal/h (1.5 lb/h) 0.7 kg/h 0.6 Gal/h (2.4 lb/h) 1.1 kg/h 0.7 Gal/h (3.1 lb/h) 1.4 kg/h 50 Hz 3.3 KY 0.3 Gal/h (1.1 lb/h) 0.5 kg/h 0.5 Gal/h (2.2 lb/h) 1.0 kg/h 0.7 Gal/h (2.9 lb/h) 1.3 kg/h Alternator details Design: Cummins Onan revolving field AC 2-pole self-excited; permanently aligned to engine by a tapered shaft; drip-proof construction Insulation system and temperature rise: Meets ANSI/RVIA-EGS-1-1998 and CSA TIL RV-06 requirements. Cooling: Direct drive centrifugal blower cast aluminum housing for excellent heat transfer Voltage regulation: Microprocessor control with digital voltage regulator Rotor: Laminated electrical steel assembly press fitted to shaft balanced; heavy insulated copper wire windings; amortisseur windings for improved waveform and motor starting Stator: Laminated electrical steel assembly; heavy insulated copper wire windings DC brushes: Electrographite; long life Bearing: Double-sealed pre-lubricated ball bearing Generator set performance Air conditioner starting: (60 Hz - gasoline) one 13500 Btu air conditioner with 2000 W base load at 500 ft (152.4 m) and 100° F (38° C) Frequency and voltage regulation: Exceeds requirements of ANSI/RVIA EGS-1 ©2011 Cummins Power Generation. All Rights Reserved. Cummins Onan the “C” logo Performance you rely on.TM and Quiet Gasoline™ are servicemarks and/or registered trademarks of Cummins Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. A-1399n (6/11)
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