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Kohler 5EKD 5 kW Gasoline Marine Genset

Kohler 5EKD 5 kW Gas Generators - Low CO / 5EKD Hertz: 60 Hz Generator with sound shield Width: 500 mm (19.69 in.) Height: 467 mm (18.39 in.) Length: 773 kg (30.43 in.) Weight, wet: 132 kg (290 lbs) Generator without sound shield Width: 466 mm (18.35 in.) Height: 445 mm (17.51 in.) Length: 691 kg (27.2 in.) Weight, dry: 118 kg (260 lbs) Weight, wet: 120 kg (265 lbs) Engine features: Integral heat exchanger CARB/EPA emission compliant (Low CO) One-side serviceability of fuel filter, cooling systems, and lubrication system Sequential-port throttle-body fuel injected Attached overflow bottle Generator features: Remote start 12-pin connector Voltage regulation of ±1.5% Rotor and stator are vacuum impregnated and coated with high-bond epoxy varnish. Varnish helps prevent corrosion in high-humidity areas. Copper windings ensure minimal heat buildup. Insulation meets NEMA standards for class H insulation. Directly connected to the engine, the generator has sealed precision ball bearings with a precision-machined steel sleeve in the end bracket (or end bearing tolerance ring) to prevent shaft misalignment and extend bearing life. Accessories Sound Shield Ship-to-Shore Switch Remote Digital Gauge Oil Pressure and Water Temperature Sender Remote Start Panel Remote Connection/Extension Harness 12-Inch Remote Wiring Harness Line Circuit Breakers Sea Spares(TM) Maintenance Kit
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Manufacturer: Kohler
Stock On-Hand: 100
Box Qty: EA

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